Turning Vision into Reality

Newgen Utility Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Is an investment company which provides utility solutions to start-up companies in the power sector or related fields apart from funding such companies.
Newgen Utility Solutions Pvt. Ltd. provides guidance to companies and helps them to establish themselves in the market, and enables them to emerge as market leaders in their chosen fields of business.

Chogen Powers Pvt Ltd

Gasification is an established technology for power generation where the process facilitates to overcome many of the limitations of the conventional combustion systems with highest efficiency which converts solid fuels into a clean gas that can be used in a 100% Gas Engine mode for power generation. It is a green power revolution that bestowed a big boost to the power sector.

But, the conventional combustion systems had a persistent problem of TAR generation which resulted in loss of energy efficiency,frequent shut downs due to TAR clogging,etc. 

Chogen Powers has solved that problem and  patented a TAR-free gasification technology in biomass gasification, and are the first company in the world to achieve this breakthrough.


Galaxy Renewable Energy

Galaxy Renewable Energy aims to become a reliable and resourceful fuel supply company for energy generation and/or fuel consumption companies. It has identified several land parcels for cultivation and plantation of energy corps.

In India there are several hundred biomass power plants which have been shutdown for lack of reliable and resourceful fuel supply sources.

Galaxy aims to bring to life several such sick industries through its endeavor to supply fuel stock at consistent prices round the year.

Through this endeavor Galaxy Renewable Energy also aims to improve the livelihood of farmers by encouraging them to grow bio-fuel crops in their barren lands.